Why I dislike ‘Fad Diets’

…. “Fad diets may change your weight, but exercise will change your body”

Fad diets are one of my pet peeves.

The ‘cabbage diet’ or ‘shake diets’ are obviously going to get you quick weight loss (not fat loss).

You are consuming very minimal calories & STARVING your body of nutrition.

I’ll never forget the Special K ‘drop a jean size challenge’… A bowl for breakfast + lunch or dinner for 2 weeks… Really?

These diets are designed to grab your attention.

People are getting fast results, on the scales, just from eating something different.

I get it, it seems like an easy way to results, right?

We all love the latest craze, so I don’t blame anyone who tries these without knowing the facts.

So, this is how they work:

You deprive yourself of proper nutrition, your body responds by dropping weight quickly, you then eat normally again…and boom! Your body puts it all back on. PLUS MORE. Most fad diets cut out a major food group e.g. carbs or fats. After the diet, your body is no longer used to consuming those nutrients, so it holds onto anything you do eat in case it’s starved again!

If you struggled with food before the diet, it’ll be even harder for you now.

Your body will be super sensitive to certain food groups after cutting them out.

We all have a friend who has used a fad diet. They’ve said how much weight they’ve lost and how easy it has been. Then we see them weeks later and they’re even bigger than before!


Stop chasing results without hard work.

I promise there isn’t a winning formula for fat loss.

Keep it simple – “eat well, track your food and increase your exercise”

Start 2017 the right way and the results will stay, I promise!

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untitledThank you for reading!

Kimberley Skelton

Owner of Physique Health

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