What Our Clients Say

Here are a selection of testimonials my clients have written about me on the Physique Health Facebook Page! Such kind words, it really makes me love what I do…

Ellie Busciglio

“I have been working with Kim for just under 2 months and the results I am seeing already are just amazing. I’ve always had body confidence issues but she is helping me over come this and is showing me how weight isn’t the be all and end all! My confidence is growing and I’m becoming more adventurous in the gym which I never thought would happen. I felt stuck for so long but Kim has showed me the way forward and helping me make small changes for big results. She isn’t just a PT, she has become my friend and an inspiration to my journey. Thank you so much Kim. Bring on that wedding! xxx”


Claire & Tom

“Kim really helped me and my husband get ready for our wedding! and we’ve carried on after because we enjoyed it so much. Kim is very motivating and positive even if we don’t feel that way when we arrive for the session- and it really helps us get the best out of it. She really cares about our mental and physical wellbeing- and over the last 18 months we are both much healthier and happier. She really is fantastic!”


Ewan Fraser

“I started training with Kim around 2 months ago and this has opened up many doors for me with regards to realising my fitness goals. Kim’s work ethic is second to none and whilst there is an element of fun involved in the sessions, there is also the “lets get down to business” attitude that will increase your motivation to new levels. Kim is a supremely talented human being and is breaking the boundaries in the fitness world. This is just the beginning for Physique Health and you are seriously missing out if you haven’t contacted Kim yet. So get in touch and give it a try – You will be booking your next session after you’ve finished, trust me.”


Siobhan Koefman

“I’m so impressed, two sessions in and I’m already feeling so much healthier! Kim is so helpful not just in fitness but in all round health and she’s helping me make the changes in my lifestyle to get the results that I want. I know that by the time I go on holiday next year I’m going to have the confidence to get into a bikini and feel good! Thank you so much xxxx”


Rachael Brown

“I love going to see Kim. She makes going to the gym enjoyable and keeps me motivated!”


Dawn Covey

“I started PT with Kim around 6 weeks ago and have become so addicted to it. She is such an inspiration and has so much passion in everything she does and this reflects in her PT sessions. I have also been having buddy sessions with my sister and Kim works us both so hard with amazing results. Her sessions are so much fun and we have a lot of banter which makes them enjoyable and not just hard work! I have seen a change in my body shape in just 6 weeks which is amazing and I am always looking forward to my next session. I have been a gym user for many years, but didn’t have the confidence to try the free weights as I was always worried that my technique would be incorrect. Having Kim as my PT, gives me confidence in the weights area as she is always making sure I am doing everything correctly and not injuring myself. She works so hard on her own fitness and is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. Keep up the good work Kim and you will continue to thrive in everything you do! I am so proud of you xxx”


Christina McDonagh

“Kim is absolutely amazing and did an amazing job in changing my shape! Her knowledge is amazing as I suffer from a bad back, she knew exactly what I could and couldn’t do, it has also really strengthened my back. I highly recommend Kim, total superstar.”

Jen Louise

“I started PT with Kim two days after finding out I was pregnant. She was brilliant throughout my pregnancy, tailoring exercises to each trimester and helping me to exercise safely, therefore keeping me fit and mobile. I am convinced that regularly exercising with her meant that I avoided many aches and pains and had a relatively easy labour!

After giving birth I continued to train with Kim and consequently was able to run the Reading half marathon nine months later, thanks mainly to her helping me regain my fitness.

Kim is great fun to train with, she encourages me as well as keeping me on my toes! I would recommend her to anyone!”

Rhianna Strachan

“I started training about a year ago now and I first bought some PT with Kim right at the beginning, aswell as quite a few more throughout the year when I felt my motivation had dropped and I needed a push. I did cardio for a couple of weeks beforehand but found it so boring and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up for long. I was always looking across at the weights but I was too nervous to go across and give anything a go, until one day when I saw Kim lifting and decided I wanted to be doing the same, and that I wanted her help. I honestly don’t think I’d still be going to the gym at all if it wasn’t for Kim, who literally taught me everything I know now and put me on the right path for a much healthier and happier life. When I say she helped me turn my life around, anybody who knows me would understand what I mean. Kim was my first bit of inspiration to change myself and proof that hard work and determination was all it needed. She really goes the extra mile for her clients as long as they put the effort in and she definitely pushed me to be better and do better. I would recommend her to anybody and everybody, she’s a amazing PT and now a good friend.”

Caroline Cassels

“I started with Kim at the beginning of the year, after being with previous trainers and working so hard but not seeing the results I wanted. I was so confused and frustrated as to why I was working so hard in the gym and in the kitchen, but nothing was working! I had seen Kim’s Instagram page and was so impressed by the work she puts in and reflects on her body. I saw what she was eating and was pleasantly surprised. That was the moment I knew I wanted to Kim’s help, and since then I have never looked back. I have struggled with food most of my life and Kim has transformed me to such a more positive person and outlook not only on food and with my body but life as well. She is such an inspirational woman and anyone who wants to transform their life, I would highly recommend her! She has taught me so much and I absolutely love training and working with Kim. Since starting this year, I have completely changed my diet (to eating carbs!!! Yes you heard me CARBS!!!) and gone from 17% to 14% body fat, it has taken a lot of hard work, but Kim has changed my mind set on food, to not make it a “diet” but a lifestyle and for that, I cannot thank her enough! Kim has such a positive outlook on life and an amazing trainer, and it is a breath of fresh air to meet a trainer who cares so much about her clients. Thank you so much Kim, you’re the best! XXXXX”

Joseph Webb

“I have worked alongside Kim for the last 2 years and I have seen her progress tremendously as a trainer. We have created projects together, ran bootcamps together and even organised events together.

I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years, working with professional athletes and clients worldwide. Kim is destined for great things, She is professional, dependable and best of all approachable.

I highly recommend her and we still share a business relationship to this day.”

Jamie Shepherd

“Kim is very knowledgable at what she does and works hard to fit in her clients around their schedule. Very good!”

Jan Douglas

“I have been having PT with Kimmy for about 5 weeks and have noticed amazing changes to my body and fitness! I have muscles now that I didn’t even know existed!!! We have such a laugh as I am a beginner at weight training and I was a little shocked when I first noticed the muscles showing but Kimmy assured me with a “WOW Jan that looks amazing ” I was on the leg press and was rather shocked at my calves lol. I now love them as know what hard work was involved in getting them my thighs are so toned and used to be big time FLABBY! I have also noticed my arms look pretty cool in strappy vests now and they used to look rather wobbly thank you so much Kimmy for all your help and good luck with your new venture, I am certain you will help many other wobbly women to tone up and feel confident about themselves”

Kay Guscott

“Kim is a fantastic,motivational trainer, she is very flexible with timings and nothing is too much trouble! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to build muscle and increase fitness in a fun and enjoyable way-top marks!!”