How can we help your organisation?

“Healthy Staff = Healthy Business”

Wellbeing services are both an investment in your employees’ health and your company’s future. You can ensure that both are healthy, happy and balanced.

During our 5 years, Physique Health have helped many of our clients to improve their health and increase their productivity. Whether you are a big company or a small organisation, we have the same goal – to help each company to get more from their staff and encourage development through team building.

Companies are beginning to realise more and more, that investing in their employees’ wellbeing can actually cut the high costs associated with employee health problems. Research has actually shown that companies who invest in their staff have the following results:

  • Increased staff productivity, motivation and loyalty
  • Regular team building; increasing staff morale, teamwork and internal communication
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Staff appreciate you investing in them
  • Enhanced corporate image by looking after your staff – increasing recruitment and retention
  • Create a ‘fun working environment’ & promote a better quality of life

What services do we offer?

We offer a range of services that we feel benefit all types of organisations, including:

Corporate Fitness

Our corporate fitness sessions are fully tailored to your needs, each workout will last between 30-60minutes, between 1-5 times per week. These can be before, during or after working hours. All equipment is provided and set up prior to the start time.

Sessions can take place within the workout place (in any empty space; canteen, car park, meeting rooms) or in a nearby location convenient to your staff.

We aim to minimise disruption by setting agreeable, weekly times which work for you and your team. Reducing money lost and increasing money made!

Corporate Workshops

Any fitness training regime can be maximised through good nutrition, this will assist with muscle repair, energy levels and weight loss. Due to the importance of this, we offer a Nutritional Workshop where we can educate your staff on good nutrition and how to eat for their goals. All staff will receive the presentation following the workshop to ensure they put the information into practice.

Due to the postural issues most office workers suffer with, the other workshop we offer is Stretching for Posture. During this workshop we will go through a number of stretches for improving posture and reducing the aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time. All staff will then receive a sheet of exercise which they can continue to complete following the workshop.

Corporate Massage

With our own equipment, we can simply move around your office and treat you employees in the most convenient of spaces. There is no need to remove any clothing or wash off lotions, our service can be performed through layers with no mess, reducing the time your staff are away from their desks.

We will provide you with a simple sign up sheet where your workforce can allocate themselves a time slot to suit their working day.
We just require a small area to set up our equipment, it really is that simple!

All packages are tailored to your individual needs, but on average, each therapist can treat 4 employees per hour (15 minutes of treatment per staff member).

Prices & Packages

If you’re interest in any of these services, please contact us for a brochure with all prices and packages available:

Phone: 07917 457 398