Why I dislike ‘Fad Diets’

…. “Fad diets may change your weight, but exercise will change your body”

Fad diets are one of my pet peeves.

The ‘cabbage diet’ or ‘shake diets’ are obviously going to get you quick weight loss (not fat loss).

You are consuming very minimal calories & STARVING your body of nutrition.

I’ll never forget the Special K ‘drop a jean size challenge’… A bowl for breakfast + lunch or dinner for 2 weeks… Really?

These diets are designed to grab your attention.

People are getting fast results, on the scales, just from eating something different.

I get it, it seems like an easy way to results, right?

We all love the latest craze, so I don’t blame anyone who tries these without knowing the facts.

So, this is how they work:

You deprive yourself of proper nutrition, your body responds by dropping weight quickly, you then eat normally again…and boom! Your body puts it all back on. PLUS MORE. Most fad diets cut out a major food group e.g. carbs or fats. After the diet, your body is no longer used to consuming those nutrients, so it holds onto anything you do eat in case it’s starved again!

If you struggled with food before the diet, it’ll be even harder for you now.

Your body will be super sensitive to certain food groups after cutting them out.

We all have a friend who has used a fad diet. They’ve said how much weight they’ve lost and how easy it has been. Then we see them weeks later and they’re even bigger than before!


Stop chasing results without hard work.

I promise there isn’t a winning formula for fat loss.

Keep it simple – “eat well, track your food and increase your exercise”

Start 2017 the right way and the results will stay, I promise!

Need help to get you on the right track?

>>Contact me today to see how I can help you!<<

untitledThank you for reading!

Kimberley Skelton

Owner of Physique Health

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10 top tips to stay on track this Christmas!

“The average person gains 7-10lbs over the festive season!”

Here are my top 10 tips to avoid becoming a part of this statistic:

1. Make smart choices

If you know you’re eating out, plan ahead and be smart with your food & alcohol choices! There’s no need to miss out if you choose wisely.

2. If you eat more, train more

If you know you’re going to be eating more calories that day, then it’s time to burn more calories! Add a little extra into your workout to compensate for the additional intake.

3. Don’t use ‘oh well, it’s Christmas’ as an excuse

At Christmas we all want to enjoy ourselves and let our hair down, but don’t waste a year of hard work ‘just because it’s Christmas’… It’s easy to stay smart with your choices over the festive season.

4. Limit your ’empty calories’

Empty calories are those high in calories, but low in nutritional value. I know the boxes of celebrations are VERY tempting (I find this so hard myself!!). I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat them, just be sensible and control the amount you’re having. If you know you struggle to say no, avoid having them in your own home!

5. Be the designated driver

This is a hard one, but it’s something I always try to do myself. If you know you’re driving, then there is no temptation to drink those additional calories (trust me, these add up!). You don’t have to do this for every event, but with the HUGE amount of events we all have to go to at this time of year, even driving to half of these will help (and it’ll save you money!!!).

6. Share your leftovers

Are you always left with food at your house after big events? A fantastic way to avoid eating it all is taking it to your local food shelter. This is a win win – you’re giving back to those who need it and stopping yourself from eating it all!!

7. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself

Although it’s great to stay on track over Christmas, be realistic and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You still have to have a happy lifestyle and enjoy time with your family and friends.

8. Beat the buffet temptations

Are you also tempted when you go up to a big buffet of party foods? (I LOVE PARTY FOOD!) Don’t panic, just pick a smaller number of healthy choices rather than piling the plate with ‘1 of everything’!

9. Enjoy this beautiful time of year with the family

Rather than forcing yourself to get in the gym when you really don’t want to, get active with the family instead! Put your wellies and coats on, then enjoy a winter walk in a picturesque location! You’ll feel great and you’ll be spending that quality time with your loved ones.

10. Start your 2017 health related resolutions NOW!

Why wait until January? I’m not saying you need to be super strict at this time of year and don’t be hard on yourself for slipping up. But using help from the tips above, along with some will power, you can get a head start on 2017 and feel great throughout the festivities!

Santa snowman lifting dumbells

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Thank you for reading!

Kimberley Skelton

Owner of Physique Health



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“From not being able to swim, to completing an Iron Man!”

The Importance of Goal Setting

I was racking my brain trying to think of the best possible example of goal setting and how this can be one of (if not THE most) effective tool to achieving your goals.

In September 2014, my husband completed an Ironman in Tenby, Wales. This is renowned for being one of the hardest events you can do. If you don’t know, this is what it includes:

  • Swim = 2.4-mile (3.86 km)
  • Bike = 112-mile (180.25 km)
  • Run = Full 26.22-mile marathon (42.20 km)
  • All raced in that order and without a break…. crazy, I know!

Winding back to September 2013, Andy had never ran long distances, he had only just bought his road bike and he had never swam properly. I can honestly say the most swimming he had done was on holiday in a small round pool, he would breaststroke a few laps and be done!

Andy is very easily persuaded and he is always up for a challenge! My step dad had previously completed one and wanted to improve his time, so he mentioned to Andy about doing it with him. My husband didn’t take long to sign up to the challenge (I can imagine it would take me a lot longer to think about this!!).

Andy had 11 months to complete the training for this big event. This is where his strong personality and determination came into action! He sat down with my step dad and SET GOALS.

He had to think about what was holding him back;

  • he can’t swim that well
  • hasn’t ever done a triathlon before
  • doesn’t have the gear (wetsuit, trackers, clothing etc)
  • doesn’t know about the correct nutrition
  • his fitness levels weren’t up to the mark

He then worked out how to fix these;

  • he booked a course of swimming lessons
  • he planned to do 4 smaller triathlons leading up the big event
  • he went shopping for the gear and researched what he needed
  • he done his research and practiced his nutrition on every training session
  • he trained VERY hard (weekends become early lake swimming and long bike rides)

Through careful planning, setting lots of little goals and a lot of hard work… Andy completed the Ironman. A challenge most people would think was too big to do in 11 months. He actually finished in a very good time and smiled the whole way around, I felt so proud watching him….I think I was more tired than him at the end!

The moral of this blog is to show you that no goal is too big. It takes a goal that scares us to change us. This way of thinking can work for ANY GOAL. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Set yourself a HUGE goal something that scares the hell out of you or you think isn’t possible (this doesn’t have to be health related) – e.g. lose 10 stone, run a marathon or buy a house in 2 years
  • Ask yourself these questions;
    • what does it take?
    • what’s holding me back?
    • how will I achieve this?
  • Work on those areas find solutions to them (don’t just let them scare you), then set yourself lots of little goals to lead you there, e.g. lose 2lbs per week for 70 weeks, aim to run 1 mile first or save £200 per month

Don’t let a huge goal scare you, embrace it and let it drive you!

Feel like you need help with this? Book in for your goal setting session today and I’ll help you see things in a more positive way.


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Thank you for reading!

Kimberley Skelton

Owner of Physique Health


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