10 top tips to stay on track this Christmas!

“The average person gains 7-10lbs over the festive season!”

Here are my top 10 tips to avoid becoming a part of this statistic:

1. Make smart choices

If you know you’re eating out, plan ahead and be smart with your food & alcohol choices! There’s no need to miss out if you choose wisely.

2. If you eat more, train more

If you know you’re going to be eating more calories that day, then it’s time to burn more calories! Add a little extra into your workout to compensate for the additional intake.

3. Don’t use ‘oh well, it’s Christmas’ as an excuse

At Christmas we all want to enjoy ourselves and let our hair down, but don’t waste a year of hard work ‘just because it’s Christmas’… It’s easy to stay smart with your choices over the festive season.

4. Limit your ’empty calories’

Empty calories are those high in calories, but low in nutritional value. I know the boxes of celebrations are VERY tempting (I find this so hard myself!!). I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat them, just be sensible and control the amount you’re having. If you know you struggle to say no, avoid having them in your own home!

5. Be the designated driver

This is a hard one, but it’s something I always try to do myself. If you know you’re driving, then there is no temptation to drink those additional calories (trust me, these add up!). You don’t have to do this for every event, but with the HUGE amount of events we all have to go to at this time of year, even driving to half of these will help (and it’ll save you money!!!).

6. Share your leftovers

Are you always left with food at your house after big events? A fantastic way to avoid eating it all is taking it to your local food shelter. This is a win win – you’re giving back to those who need it and stopping yourself from eating it all!!

7. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself

Although it’s great to stay on track over Christmas, be realistic and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You still have to have a happy lifestyle and enjoy time with your family and friends.

8. Beat the buffet temptations

Are you also tempted when you go up to a big buffet of party foods? (I LOVE PARTY FOOD!) Don’t panic, just pick a smaller number of healthy choices rather than piling the plate with ‘1 of everything’!

9. Enjoy this beautiful time of year with the family

Rather than forcing yourself to get in the gym when you really don’t want to, get active with the family instead! Put your wellies and coats on, then enjoy a winter walk in a picturesque location! You’ll feel great and you’ll be spending that quality time with your loved ones.

10. Start your 2017 health related resolutions NOW!

Why wait until January? I’m not saying you need to be super strict at this time of year and don’t be hard on yourself for slipping up. But using help from the tips above, along with some will power, you can get a head start on 2017 and feel great throughout the festivities!

Santa snowman lifting dumbells

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Kimberley Skelton

Owner of Physique Health



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